Welcome to SBXG’s documentation

SBXG is a build system generator specialized in building from sources low-level components that are the foundation of Linux-based embedded devices, such as the U-Boot bootloader, the Linux kernel and the Xen hypervisor.

It is designed to offer a high level of reproductibility and tracability. Given that the URLs pointing to the different components are always available, SBXG should always generate the same outputs for a given set of inputs. No surprise to be expected.

On top of being able to build just the low-level components, SBXG can generate standalone images, ready to be flashed on an SDcard or used as virtual machine disks. In this mode, SBXG expects the rootfs to be available, it does not generate one.

All components (but the cross-compilation toolchain) are built from source, with a configuration file enforced by version. This allows SBXG users to rely on the sources and their own (or pre-packaged) configurations, instead of a black box downloaded from untrusted sources.

SBXG provides default configurations for some boards, toolchains, kernels and u-boot, to demonstrate its capabilities, but one of its goal is to be able to use opaque (private) user configurations that can leave outside of SBXG (e.g. reside in a dedicated source control repository).

Status of the project

SBXG is in omega stage (beyond alpha)! The documentation is being redacted, and some key features are being developed.